local attractions

Park Zdrojowy in Busko Zdrój - a spa park of 16 hectares in Busko-Zdrój, located in the southern part of the city. The owner of the park is the office of the city of Busko-Zdrój.

Church of Sts. Leonard in Busko-Zdrój - a wooden cemetery built in 1699, in place of the church there before.

Museum of the Busko-Busko-Zdrój region - a museum located in Busko-Zdrój. The facility was established on the initiative of the Social Committee of the Organization of the Museum of the Bus Land in 1990. Its headquarters are the restored pre-war villa "Polonia", which during World War II housed a German court ad hoc and the seat of the security police. In addition to the museum in the building is the Art Gallery "Green".

Skorocice Reserve, located on the blue hiking trail of the 7.7 ha nature reserve. There is a gypsy karst gorge in the nature reserve.